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Alarm Modules and Signal Conditioners

Pyragon and it's subsidiary ADTECH offers a complete line of both universal signal conditioner and alarm modules as well as traditional alarms and signal conditioners. Our modules have inputs of T/C, RTD, VDC, mADC, AC Current, AC Voltage, Strain Gauge and many others. We also offer customized modules for a specific application.


We have every practical form of isolator a process plant could need. We offer, input loop powered, 2 Wire output loop powered, 3 Wire output loop powered, 24 VDC and 117 VAC Prime power, single channel and dual channel are also available.

Nuclear Obsolescence Replacement Products

We presently have over 20 different form, fit and functional replacement units for the nuclear industry. These devices are designed to directly replace units originally made by companies such as Transmation, RIS, AGM, Fisher and Fischer & Porter. The function of all the units we specialize in is in the area of signal conditioning, alarms and function modules. These newer units offer enhanced transient, ESD and RFI protection to IEC standards (see specific units for details). We will customize a direct replacement for your needs.

Portable Process Calibrators

Our calibrators are all of the electrical instrumentation function family. We offer single function temperature and electrical calibrators. As well as several complete multi-function calibrators.

Temperature Transmitters

The mainstay of our temperature transmitter line is the field proven, uniquely packaged model 2800T. As part of it's unique packaging and design, the unit is completely universal for most RTD and input types, but it allows the user to configure it with just two push buttons. We also offer a traditional line of DIN and Hockey puck type single function transmitters.









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